Samrobmoe Design


After my recent turnaround, I have been looking to design something to aid a soldier in a variety of problems. I have finally decided to focus on the specific problem of when soldiers are injured on the front line and need help to get back to base, which can endanger their comrades an waste a large amount of time and can cause more damage than the injury itself.

My design is currently in its early stages, however my idea is to essentially design a modular set of powered exoskeleton parts, which could be attached to the soldier and aid movement of damaged areas such as the shoulder, elbow and knee whilst maintaining a brace over the area to prevent further injury, a painkiller to alleviate the prohibitive effects of pain and a tight bandaging feature to reduce blood loss.

This is an area of design I have a huge interest in, specifically the use of powered exoskeletons and augmentation of the human body to further advance mobility and potentially help older consumers maintain proper movement.


I hope to design a product that will solve a potentially controversial problem within educational design. Although I am currently unsure if this project would be hugely surprising, I do think that it still maintains its ties to ethical design, I just need to find the link somewhere…