Commercial Designs

Mewscraft Furniture & Display Renderings

During my time doing work for Mewscraft Ltd. I was responsible for creating true to life CAD renderings of the furniture designs that we were creating for Mewscraft’s customers. The renders allowed the customer to see what the furniture would look like as a standalone product and in situ in their shop before it was committed to production.

Laser Bubble Cycle Safety Device

    The Laser Bubble concept is an in-development product which aims to make cycling in a city a safer activity by showing drivers how much space they need to allow to pass a cyclist. The unique design allows a semi-circle to be projected onto a darkened road with the Class 3a lasers. The device is powered by a Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery which can be charged easily via a Micro-USB phone charger. The device is still in it’s development stage since the completion of my BSc Product Design degree.

The Future of In-Ear Headphones - Tailor shaped 3D Prints

    Designed as part of a Technical Report Dissertation written by myself about the Development of Additive Manufacture, the tailor shaped in-ear headphones are a proof of concept prototype to demonstrate the possibilities of mass customisation of a product to suit consumers who’s needs vary from person to person. In the case of in-ear headphones, many consumers’ ears vary dramatically in shape and so finding in-ear headphones that fit correctly in their ears can be very problematic. The tailor shaped in-ear headphone concept relies on a 3d scan of the consumer’s ears which will then be analysed by a preset software algorithm to refine the main shape of the body of the earphones. The part can then be 3d printed for the consumer in their choice of colours and/or materials to create the earphones that are perfect for them.

LED Panel Displays - Sedna LED

    A concept university group project which was  designed for the Zero Degrees Microbrewery in Cardiff. The project was later solo developed by myself as a more generalised LED lit display system.

Breffo Bands - Group Concept Challenge

    A concept project that began as a university group 24 hour challenge – The Breffo Bands concept was inspired by the visual aesthetic of Breffo’s spider podium product and was proposed as an entry into the smart wearables market for the company.