Samrobmoe Design


Over the past few days, I have been thinking about what it is that I would actually create a product for. Though of course this is leading me to think of creating products to solve problems, which does in a way go against one of my ideas of creating a pointless product, however I am finding it difficult as a designer to create something that has no use, as I cannot as a designer, create something that doesn’t solve a problem or help someone with something.

This has lead me to create a problem areas sheet. To maintain the idea of ethics in educational design, I decided to mainly focus on military problems, breaking the problem areas into 3 main sections:

– Infantry problems such as protection from Injuries, Gunfire, Improvised Explosives and close quarters combat

– Vehicular problems such as the fragility of aircraft, Improvised explosives, fuel and visibility

– Special Forces problems from tactical movement around urban and natural environments and stealth


I feel that if I solve one of these problems in an interesting way, then I could surely create an interesting and surprising product!