Hobby Projects

3D Printed Ratcheting Socket Wrench

    A fully 3D printed Ratcheting Socket Wrench design which can use 12.5MM (1/2″) sized sockets and ratchets clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on which side the socket is attached to.  

Wind Turbine

    Originally designed as a challenge between friends, the wind turbine has been through many iterations to become a working prototype, though it will no doubt continue to be developed indefinitely. What began as a discussion with a friend […]

3D Printed Lamps

    My newly designed 3D printed lamp is made of a Black PLA base, with additional weights added to keep the lamp sturdy and a semi-transparent PETG shade on the original lamp & a semi-transparent purple PLA shade on […]

Laser Cat Toy

    Utilising an Arduino Uno Microcontroller, a Digital Servo Motor, a Digital Micro Servo Motor and a Class 3 laser module, the Laser Cat Toy provides entertainment (and possible annoyance) for cats and dogs by aiming and moving the […]

Smart Watch Accessories

    Due to owning multiple Smart Watches over the past years, I have developed various accessories to improve their functionality, or to provide protection to the easy to damage screens.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

    During the development of the 3D printed Wind Turbine, my focus partially diverted to a vertical axis design to test the functionality in comparison to my standard design. Whilst I discovered that the design was far less complex […]

MINI (R50) One D

    The MINI project has been undertaken in small increments over several years. The main objective of the project was to transform subtle details if the car’s interior and exterior forms to create a truly unique MINI that would […]