Large Scale Concepts

Octapods - Floating Housing Solution

    The Octapod Housing solution project originated as a First Year Product Design project which focused on the city of Cardiff. I turned my focus to housing in the bay and the rapid expansion of housing in the area, effectively creating a land grab scenario with as much land as possible taken up with new build apartments. The idea has the ability to cover 2 very different scenarios; 1.As a housing solution for crowded cities with large bodies of water and 2. As a large scale disaster relief solution in the event of Earthquakes, Tsunamis and other natural disasters that hit cities by the sea. The concept relies on a waterproof modular pod which can be expanded or supported with various add on modules such as a float that doubles up as a balcony, a roof terrace, a two boat berth or even a helipad. The pods are also […]

Cardiff Maglev

    Designed as a BSc Product Design 3rd year project in response to the RSA’s 2015 Mobility City brief, the Cardiff Maglev aimed to radically change the public transport system in the city of Cardiff to use modern technologies such as Magnetic Levitation powered trains. The new system utilised multiple designed changes to normal trains and stations, mainly adapted to benefit people with disabilities such as improved doors which bridge the gap from train to platform, an adaptive route display to cater for any visual impairments, an inclusive seating method which caters to users of equipment such as wheelchairs and a station and platform guidance system.