Mercedes CLK (W209) Bonnet Emblems

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  Due to the paint fading on the original bonnet emblem/badge, I have redesigned it to be 3d printed. The original design (created in August 2019) is an upright badge design, but the new design (created in December 2019) is a direct replacement for the flat badge. It was printed with grey and black PLA, using the pause at height setting in Cura’s G-Code editor.

Fossil Q Explorist Protection Bumper

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  A protective bumper designed for the Fossil Q Explorist and 3D printed in PLA. The aim of the design has been to solve the problem that can occur where the screen or tempered glass screen covers get chipped and cracked very easily when wearing the watch. The design has been through a variety of iterations which have improved the usability, the aesthetics and ease of printing.

Balcony Wind Turbine MK15

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Due to wear and water leaking into the motor housing, the motor that was used originally in MK 6 and then continuously since MK 12 has finally seized and will no longer provide power as a generator. As a replacement i have used a larger motor provided to me by a member of Cardiff School of Art & Design. The new motor required the redesign of the motor casing area. Also, due to an accident with the turbine blades, 3 new red turbine blades were required as well.    

3D Printed Ratcheting Socket Wrench – Version 2

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A second version of my 3D printed ratcheting socket wrench – the design is still fully 3D printed, with eight M4 machine screws fastening it together. Once again, the ratchet mechanism has attachments on each side, which was inspired by Cleven’s design to allow the ratchet to drive both clockwise and counter-clockwise. The new ratcheting mechanism has been strengthened with 4 teeth replacing the original 2 and the internal springs have been modified to accommodate this change. The handle has also been bulked up to ensure that it will not snap whilst turning high torque loads.