Unique Concepts

FabLab Robot Arm

    Working as a team, Paul Waterfield, Kit Kaye and I developed  an Arduino controlled Robotic Arm on behalf of the FabLab Cardiff, for use in a potential workshop. The Robot Arm was designed to be laser cut from Acrylic and was specifically setup to allow the maker to add their own design elements during the workshop. The design utilises 3 regular digital Servo Motors for movement and an additional Micro Servo Motor for gripping objects. The initial concept designs and subsequent developments were completed by Paul Waterfield and Myself and then the final design development was worked on by Kit Kaye.

Art Deco Computer Tower

    Undertaken as an A-Level Product Design project, the Art Deco PC was heavily inspired by American art deco architecture and also various video game art styles – primarily the Bioshock series. The Art Deco PC is a fully functioning Desktop PC case, with mounting points for ATX motherboards, up to 4 PCI cards, a standard power supply, a single Hard Drive and a single Disk Drive. The PC is kept cool with 3 front 80mm LED fans and a single 120mm LED exhaust fan, as well as ventilation exhausts on the top of each tier. More recently, the design has been altered with new 3d printed mounting points for the side panels and disk drive.

Predator Drone

    Produced for a brief entitled ‘Surprise Me’, the Predator Drone was designed as an adaption of Boston Dynamics’ Wildcat prototype quadruped robot. The surprising nature of the project arises from the system it enforces, which is aimed at tackling the increase in obesity in society by unleashing the Predator drones into the wild (cities and towns) and supplying mandatory tracking wrist bands to all citizens. The bands track the amount of exercise that a person has undertaken in a day and if they have fallen short of a state enforced level of fitness, then the Predator Drone will hunt them down until they have burned the required amount of calories. The project is fully intended as a satirical solution to a very real problem, however it succeeded as a surprising project, leaving the brief setter astonished and delighted!

Arc Lamp

    Undertaken as an As-Level Product Design project, the Arc Lamp was designed as an ambient lamp which was to combine a modern angular form with art deco styling. The lamp originally utilised a collection of individual LEDs, hand wired in a parallel circuit in the base, however in Autumn/Winter of 2016, it was updated with 5050 SMD LED strips which simplified the circuitry and provided far better illumination.

Experimental High-Chair Concept

    The High-Chair concept was instigated by a short project run with Orange Box The idea was to accommodate a higher seating position which may be required at high desks or workbenches. Whilst the concept itself would most likely not be a suitable product to bring to market, the concept was established as an experimental view of a furniture piece for a unique market.