Finishing touches

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So my viva presentation is tommorow and I have been working to get everything finalised for my presentation, including my board designs and most importantly, this damn prototype… So I have printed all the parts now and painted them too! I’m just sincerely hoping all goes well for my viva presentation! Oh and this happened to my beloved desk at home, due to a miscalculation with super glue, the glass bed of my 3D printer and the glass panel on my desk: Fun!

Show Contribution

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At first, I was part of the marketing group, where I helped my other team members – Angelo D., Adam H., Ben O.R. and Luke B to create the graphics for the show marketing material. Initially I created a variety of logo concepts, as well as photographing the CSAD building for relevant background images and textures. To aide the creation of our show website, I also created a website concept from scratch, though a simpler tumblr site created by Adam H. was chosen instead. My final contribution to the marketing team came with a creation of 2-13 leaflet concepts, which inspired the creation of the final leaflet design by Angelo D. My contributions to the show construction began with me providing a variety of tools to help, including handheld drills and multiple drill bits. I initially helped Huw H. with the construction of the table tops, by fastening them to […]