Laser Cat Toy MK2 Build

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  After the initial design had gained the interest of my cat, I felt it was only sensible to refine the design and correct the problems with the MK1 prototype. The Laser Toy MK2 still uses an Arduino Uno, but now uses a standard 180 degree Servo for horizontal rotation and the same 180 degree Micro Servo for vertical rotation. The Arduino code has now been expanded with a longer and more varied routine based on Lily the cat’s (apparent) preference. The movement of the Laser Toy is now far smoother and far quieter, which makes it far more appropriate for a cat to play with!

An update to the old 3d printer

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After 3 years and thousands of hours of faithful service, my 3d printer – the Wanhao Duplicator 4S – has started to show it’s age. All of a sudden, I decided it could do with a little bit of an update, so I removed all panels, primed and painted them with white gloss, then downloaded and designed some new parts. Overall the printer looks quite different, with a new, more modern appearance, some slightly improved functionality and a safer rewiring of the hotend looms.

Laser cat toy

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Due to the hyperactivity of my pet cat – Lily, I have decided to create a laser toy design to entertain her. The design utilises an Arduino Uno and some small micro servo motors that I have recently bought, though due to the small size and lack of power, it seems I have hit my first problem, as once can easily see in the video. The juddering appears to be due to the motors not having enough power to move to their correct angles, which makes for a rather terrible sounding toy! (Not that Lily the cat seems to mind) My next stage is purchasing a more powerful servo motor, which will hopefully combat this problem, then I can add some more interesting routines to the Arduino code!