Samrobmoe Design

Today I have been researching various common disabilities and the problems that occur when people with such disabilities attempt to use trains.

It’s clearly apparent that redesigning the a train system to suite just one disability would be absurd and so I have decided to adopt an inclusive approach to my design, ensuring that the design is accessible for all potential users.

In an attempt to organise the information I have been reading, I have created a list of potential problems for three common disabilities when using a train:

Wheelchair Users

– Entrance to train

– Stability on train

– Separate seating areas

– Access to platform

– Maneuverability on train

– Access and use of toilets

Users with visual impairments

– Visibility of train doors

– Being able to read visual information / signage

– Identifying each train stop

– Purchasing tickets / paying fare

– Maneuvering the train

Users with hearing problems

– Hearing auditory announcements

– Purchasing tickets via kiosk / paying fare

Now I know what the problems are, I feel I am in a strong position to start conceptualizing ideas in order to create a solution…