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Today I have been looking into Magnetic Levitation, a technology which uses electromagnets to allow objects to hover and glide above a track.

Magnetic Levitation, aka Maglev is commonly associated with modern high speed trains, as the technology is perfect for this use.

2015-04-18 18.18.37

The main advantages of Maglev trains over current trains are:

– Far greater energy efficiency

– Very low noise pollution

– High speeds achievable with ease

– Theoretically safer

– Requires less maintenance

– Virtually unaffected by adverse weather conditions

– Purely electric powered, zero pollution created by train itself, can easily run of sustainable power sources

– Elevated tracks ensure little to no interference with current infrastructure

– Far smoother ride for passengers

Due to the plethora of advantages posed by this technology in comparison to current trains, I have decided to use Maglev technology as a basis for my design solution.