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Today I started my enterprise field module. We were put into teams to act as creative collectives. I was happy to be doing the project in groups as opposed to being solo entrepreneurs as I feel teamwork is a skill I need to work on due to my attitude to my work being quite closed to other people. Being in a creative collective  feel that we can pool our resources and skills from our two subject areas, which will be excellent for the varying tasks that we will no doubt be faced with.

We named our creative collective ‘Gusto’ to show our humorous side whilst also showing our strive for perfection. The name was a quick laugh, but I feel it fits quite well. It has an essence of creativity as well as having quite a motivated attitude to it, at the same time however it’s quite a satirical name which I wouldn’t normally think of.

As a creative collective and a group of hopeful entrepreneurs, we decided upon our values which we would do business by. By doing this, I hope that we can build a framework by which we can constantly refer to as we move through the project. I feel that having this will be a great help, as although it is quite brief, it perfectly sums up how our group intends to work.

Group Ideals

After setting up our group, we were informed of the centre for student entrepreneurship by Lydia  Meehan which opened my eyes to the opportunities available at the university as well showing me how it is possible to find opportunities where I wouldn’t have thought to look. Lydia’s experiences as a student at Cardiff Met, specifically CSAD were clearly a great help to her and her motivation to seek out opportunities and help was quite the eye opener to me with regards to my own attitude. Lydia’s talk has definitely made me consider what opportunities I should be taking instead of not looking in the first place…

Now that we have our brief, which is to create a quick start up business with a £100 seed fund, I feel confident that our group can identify some kind of niche in the market before our finishing date which is about 4 weeks away.