Final mount tweaks

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So annoyingly, the week began with the mount design snapping. The hinge could not take the strain put upon it by tightening it to the frame and so they broke free from the rest of the body. For this reason, I have been working on a redesign of the way the hinge works. Instead of on hinge having an angle arm and the other having a 90 degree angle, I have now made both arms have a 45 degree angle, with additional ribs to improve their strength. I have also bought new printing materials, both black and white PLA. Annoyingly, when removing the new prints from the 3D printer, I rather excellently cut my finger…

New holder part

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So I have now been spending my time working on the holder part, between the mount and the laser device. To ensure the device can easily be swapped between sides of the bike, as well as ensuring it can easily be adjusted to the perfect angle, I ¬†have introduced a new system on the holder part, which allows the part dubbeds at ‘holder pin’ (The part where the laser device slots in) to be adjustable through 90 degree increments. Unfortunately, as can be seen from the picture, I reopened the slice on my finger, which sprayed blood on the part and table…


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So the past we days, I have been considering how my product could be manufactured, especially due to the fact that it has only been 3D printed thus far. To ensure it could be mass manufactured, I have been considering which manufacturing methods would be plausible for creating the forms. I have decided that Aluminium Die Casting would be suitable, as aluminium would be perfect as a material, due to it’s corrosion resistance and strength! I have slightly tweaked the design to be able to be created via die casting, mainly by adding raft angles etc. Now I am in the process of printing the final parts for display in my viva presentation and degree show…

A wall mounted bike you say?

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So this weekend I have been sorting everything to mount my bike on the wall to allow me to display the devices mounted to the bike, for both the viva and degree show. Overall it wasn’t quite as difficult as I had originally thought it might be. I was able to use some spare plaster screws from the show to ensure the bike mount was securely held to the wall and with the help of Rhianwen and Adam D., I was able to get it positioned correctly. Thanks again for your help guys!

Finishing touches

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So my viva presentation is tommorow and I have been working to get everything finalised for my presentation, including my board designs and most importantly, this damn prototype… So I have printed all the parts now and painted them too! I’m just sincerely hoping all goes well for my viva presentation! Oh and this happened to my beloved desk at home, due to a miscalculation with super glue, the glass bed of my 3D printer and the glass panel on my desk: Fun!

Show Contribution

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At first, I was part of the marketing group, where I helped my other team members – Angelo D., Adam H., Ben O.R. and Luke B to create the graphics for the show marketing material. Initially I created a variety of logo concepts, as well as photographing the CSAD building for relevant background images and textures. To aide the creation of our show website, I also created a website concept from scratch, though a simpler tumblr site created by Adam H. was chosen instead. My final contribution to the marketing team came with a creation of 2-13 leaflet concepts, which inspired the creation of the final leaflet design by Angelo D. My contributions to the show construction began with me providing a variety of tools to help, including handheld drills and multiple drill bits. I initially helped Huw H. with the construction of the table tops, by fastening them to […]