Samrobmoe Design

This weekend I have been mulling over some of the prospects for creating a design utilising the research I have attained within my technical report.

Overall, I concluded that the future of 3D printing was customisable products, where a product can be customised for each user and created easily using a 3D printer.

My current area of focus is revolving around medical products such as casts for broken limbs which could be easily printed per user and provide a greater degree of comfort in comparison to other products.

I have also been considering items such as shoes which are often designed for the average user’s foot, but often do not fit correctly causing discomfort.

I do however feel as though these products don’t quite match up to the product types chosen by the past examples I have been working from.

I feel as though the work I have been doing is of sub-par quality and I don’t really have any ideas I feel like running with… It is clear that I am going to have to think very carefully about the design ideas that I wish to create, hopefully then I will be able to conceptualise an idea I a happy with…