Samrobmoe Design

In the right group, we will be having tutorials with Bethan Gordon. I am quite happy about this as I felt that the project Beth ran last year was really enjoyable and so I am hoping that with her as my tutor for this project, I should be able to push the boundaries of my design.

Our first tutorial was an interesting one, I feel that my initial idea has been diversified into a far more interesting topic of research and design. Where In was originally going to focus on cycle helmet design due to the lack of cyclists who wear helmets in the city, I have now decided to work on the broader topic of cycle safety in general.

Beth advised that I broadened the scope of my project and I am no going to start work on researching  cycle safety in general. I want to find out what is the most dangerous aspect of cycling. Where do the most accidents happen? Who is most effected? When do these accidents occur? Who or what is usually responsible?

These are all questions I wish to find the answer to!