Samrobmoe Design


Since yesterday, I have been thinking about what could maintain the surprise of weaponry without defaulting to the obvious idea of a gun.

This triggered a thought that I should focus on the most unethical kind of weapon possible, a weapon so unnecessarily sadistic and so unlawful that it would be sure to instil surprise upon all spectators. As such, I have started thinking about what exactly would make such a weapon design. Ranging from toxic use of chemicals, to sadistic use of torture weapons. This lead me to finally realise that this avenue of design was becoming more and more ridiculous and I would end up simply creating a design proposal for some absurd weapons, which in my opinion, isn’t really that surprising…

Since this new revelation, I have decided to scrap the idea of designing a weapon proposal in lieu of designing another kind of unethical product, as I believe this will create a far better project that I would far prefer working on and could get more interested in.

As such, I am going to start researching the paradigms associated with Product Design, as well as doing some more in-depth research into ethics in design.