Samrobmoe Design

Over the past few days, I have been pondering the idea of creating 3D printed crutches of some sort for the technical report design section.

Having crutches which would fit the user’s hands and dimensions could be a really useful idea, though I am unsure about the reality of printing such objects .

I have also mulled over the idea of making glasses and I just feel that there is not enough to the project to undertake it for the proposal. Having only a single base part which would be designed for an individual yet in the style they want, makes the design way too undecided. It would be impossible just a single product for the report…

Crutches do seem like a worthwhile endeavor and I think that they could really measure up against some of the work done in previous years. I would feel content with pursuing this idea as I feel as though it could be of worthwhile benefit to those who require crutches!