Samrobmoe Design

I have undertaken a wealth of research this weekend, looking mainly at road junctions again.

Fortunately, a friend was able to help me get a third person perspective of a cyclist undertaking a multitude of manoeuvres across the incredibly busy Crwys Rd / City Rd / Albany Rd / Richmond Rd / MacKintosh Pl junction.

Through this video work, I was able to confirm many of the dangers I had already identified and it was interesting to get a viewers perspective of someone cycling across with confidence.

I was also able to undertake research where Richmond road connects to Newport Road, a popular student route from university to home. The traffic was very different in this area and the added fact that this was Saturday afternoon meant that the roads were extremely busy with shoppers. I encountered many drivers who were knowingly doing wrong by positioning their cars in cycle lanes and across active junctions, due to ignorance or haste. It concerned me that these drivers were willing to endanger others just because they wanted to get out of the busy traffic.