Samrobmoe Design

After an analysis of the problems facing people with disabilities on trains and planes,  feel as though my project is heading in the direction of a new train system.

Although I have discovered significant flaws in the interior design of airplanes, I feel that the base design of most commercial aircraft would be highly restrictive for a redesign, especially considering the demands of airline companies to utilise as much space as possible inside the aircraft…

Current train systems suffer from a large number of problems which mainly affect disabled passengers. I have identified the main problems for both the train itself and the train stations:


– Narrow aisles

– Limited space for wheelchair users (usually segregated)

– Difficult access between carriages

– Unreliable system for alerting passengers to current and next station


– Confusing layout for access to different platforms

– Signage difficult to understand / difficult to read

– Platform to train access often difficult for wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility

– Ticketing / Payment system often confusing

Using this information, I plan to consider some concepts to solve these main problems