Samrobmoe Design

In our third tutorial, we undertook an interim Viva presentation. I was happy to be able to present my work so far and was looking forward to getting feedback on what my tutorial group thought about my project.

I feel my presentation went well, although it was pointed out that I did accidentally block one side of the screen during some of my presentation.

After my presentation, we discussed my project further.

I have decided that due to my feedback I should write a schedule of all actions I want to undertake so that I can make sure I meet my expectations and the deadlines.

One member of my group advised I discussed the matter of local accident statistics with the police, whilst another pointed out that I should ascertain what initiatives the council had in place to make cycling safer and more accessible. Beth has advised that I analyse products already on the market, even for other markets such as safety gear for climbers or motorcyclists, as well as what other countries do about the problem. I have come to realise also, that my product could if necessary be a product to effect the psychology of the cyclists or the culture as a whole.

I will also start researching the highway code and what it dictates a cyclists must do as well as what advice it gives to keep cyclists safe.

Finally, I will endeavour to complete a revised brief and PDS for my project as well as meeting with my group again on Thursday.