Samrobmoe Design

Today’s tutorial with Paul WIlgeroth was quite insightful. Previous to my tutorial, Paul had already approved my report proposal, though after finishing the proposal, I haven’t actually started the body of the work.

Paul could sense that I was a little wary about starting and I discussed my worries about the project with him, mainly the point of workload, where I feel like the workload is vastly greater than my previous years on the course. I feel that whenever I feel accomplished on my report work, it feels like my project work is starting to fall behind and the same vice versa.

To counteract this, Paul advised that I write a schedule for my work, though I explained that I had already done this and I didn’t feel it was helping me distinguish work between constellation and subject, only what I should be doing for each.

Since coming back from the summer, I feel a little down on the amount of work that the 3rd year is going to have as well as whether product design is really my true calling… I feel unsure as to whether my current work is really up to the standard it should be and as to whether I have really improved at all over the past 2 years…

Overall though, I feel my tutorial went well and I have set my goals for the week, mainly to begin my report’s first 1000 words. I am hoping that once I have started this, then the work will seem far less worrisome and I will start to get into the swing of writing a document again…

To plan ahead further, I have also decided that I want to make sure I have completed my full report by the end of January. as I feel that any later might interfere with the work after Christmas.