Samrobmoe Design


At first, I was part of the marketing group, where I helped my other team members – Angelo D., Adam H., Ben O.R. and Luke B to create the graphics for the show marketing material.

Initially I created a variety of logo concepts, as well as photographing the CSAD building for relevant background images and textures.

To aide the creation of our show website, I also created a website concept from scratch, though a simpler tumblr site created by Adam H. was chosen instead.

My final contribution to the marketing team came with a creation of 2-13 leaflet concepts, which inspired the creation of the final leaflet design by Angelo D.

My contributions to the show construction began with me providing a variety of tools to help, including handheld drills and multiple drill bits.

I initially helped Huw H. with the construction of the table tops, by fastening them to the tops of the tables, ensuring they were correctly aligned and level. I continued to help Huw in this manner for the majority of the tables and my contributions were all similarly randomly assigned.

I helped by sanding various tabletop surfaces and table components for the ribbons design. I contributed on multiple late nights to help assemble and the ribbon overhangs on the balcony and the ribbon arches.

I also helped a few of my peers with problems they were having with their projects by helping with woodworking and 3d printing.