Samrobmoe Design

We had our second tutorial group meeting yesterday. I feel that once again I have a direction to work in and something to improve on. Beth has advised that I observe some road junctions to see the problem first hand and to confirm the problems my secondary research has identified. I plan on focusing on the infamous Crwys Rd / City Rd / Albany Rd / Richmond Rd / MacKintosh Pl junction which many people in Cardiff regard as dangerous. I must also make contact with some local cycling groups and ask for their feedback on the matter as first hand experiences will be invaluable to my research.

I must also ensure that I make no assumptions about my market or anything relating to the product. Beth has advised that we identify a persona which effectively describes our target consumer. I also went through my brief with Beth, who explained that I should first ensure I have the first hand research to back it up, whilst also not limiting myself at this early stage with details such as use, life cycle and sustainability.

Now, I feel that if I can find the research I am searching for, I will be clear to continue with my project.