Samrobmoe Design

Today, we officially begin the field module , which will focus on a product design competition brief and then, the exhibition of my design within our end of year degree show.

I had already scanned through the RSA student design awards competitions, but today I have been reading through each brief in far more detail. I feel that some of the briefs seem clearly more graphics design based and some others simply don’t pique my interest…

I have narrowed my choice to three briefs:

Creative conditions – Design and develop a vision and business case for an environment or situation that prompts and fosters creative thinking

Fair Play – Design or re-design a consumer toy and its product packaging to minimise waste and environmental impact

Mobility City – Design or re-design a mode of public transport to improve the experience of people with disabilities that will, in turn, improve the experience for all

Currently, I feel that the mobility city brief seems like the most interesting and challenging, but I will have to give it a bit more thought before I come to a decision…