Samrobmoe Design

After undertaking some initial research, I have decided to undertake the Mobility City competition brief. Overall, I feel that the brief suites my skill set far better than the other two and I I have a great deal of interest in the area of transport design.

To get a better understanding of the problems facing people with disabilities, I have undertaken some initial secondary research into the three main forms of mass transport – Buses and Coaches, Trains and Airplanes.

After looking at current buses from all over the world, I feel that most of the problem areas have been solved to the point where there is little more room for improvement. For this reason, I have decided to look more closely at trains and planes.

Today I have been looking mainly at commercial airplanes, where I have found that many if not all have very narrow aisles, meaning that any wheelchair users have to transfer from their wheel chair into a special chair which can fit in the aisle. This is a problem I intend to look into in greater detail…