Samrobmoe Design

Today, I have undertaken research at the same junction, yet at the earlier time of 9am where I feel I managed to get a better look at commuters.

Overall, the road was very similar, though of course a little busier. I was also able to photograph some of the problems I identified yesterday, which I feel proves at least some consistency, as the same problems recurred! In total, I was able to observer 5 cyclists today, 2 of which were wearing helmets and 3 of which were wearing clothes that made them visible to other road users.

Today however, I also discovered some cyclists who were putting themselves at risk by having an incorrect road position in their lane, which poorly showed other traffic their intent – the cyclists in question stayed to the far left of the lane, then at a T-Junction turned right. The cyclists were lucky not to have an accident, though it is debatable whether this is a a consistent problem among all cyclists or simply a rogue few.

Overall, today has confirmed many of the points I discovered on Wednesday, but it has given me photographic evidence which I can no refer to further into my project. I also have the intention of visiting other well known dangerous junctions, though I will have to research further into this to find where might be best to observe.