Samrobmoe Design


Today has been focused purely on some design work and planning. After yesterday’s decisions about our company’s heading, we are all now able to actually produce what we are going to sell and of course that means decided the exact designs. I have designed four different chocolate ideas which I feel the market will respond well to, specifically because they are random (yet popular) shapes which we have found is what our market wants. The random assortment consists of a smiley face, a cat face, a Pacman and a moustache. These designs are aimed to cause nostalgia, amusement or happiness. Being able to work at my own pace with the entire day to make adjustments was useful and I feel it allowed me produce a better outcome overall.

Choc Moulds Pics

I have also been considering some ideas for slogans on greeting cards, though so far I haven’t really made much progress. I would say that this is probably due to the fact that it isn’t my area of expertise and it is more of a graphics based skill to design such, however I feel this is something I want to work on as I have a great interest in graphics design. Perhaps I will ask Michael if I can help him with some of his work on our company graphics…

Overall, today has been quite productive, I have four designs ready to be 3D printed and made into moulds and hopefully Angelo also has a few designs which will allow us to make a full range of chocolate styles for our chocolate box and bag ideas!