Samrobmoe Design


Over the weekend I’ve been compiling some ideas for the project. Through the group facebook page, our collective discussed what we wanted to have done by Monday – mainly something related to how we could manufacture our chocolate ideas.

Angelo and I decided to design some random pop culture related 3d object in the solid edge cad package, so that we could hopefully 3D print the shapes using our Makerbots in the product design studio. Using these shapes, we decided we could vacuum form these shapes to make a chocolate mould.

As a person who likes some of the current pop culture on the internet, I decided to try and make some internet meme related 3D shapes, which proved quite entertaining. Whether these shapes prove to be popular, I am unsure, which at the moment I feel isn’t particularly important, these shapes are only for prototyping for the moment and after that, they will be used as a testing ground with our target market to gather feedback on consumer tastes and preferences. I look forward to seeing this reaction from our market, I believe it will be greatly insightful into our market’s tastes.