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Well today has been fun, while I have been working on my presentation of my surprising project – Survival of the Fittest, it seems that I wont be presenting it yet. As part of our product design programme, we have been enlisted in the university’s Intensive Programme, an international 2 week module where we are going to be working together with students from other European universities to solve a social problem. Whilst this does seem like a very interesting opportunity, it has happened to clash with our presentation day and confusion was sure to set in. Essentially, I missed my first IP lecture as I was following an email that informed me that I did indeed need to go to the Llandaff campus to present my project, unfortunately I was then told that I should return to the IP lecture at Howard Gardens, despite the fact that I was already halfway to the the Llandaff campus. (a 50 minute walk in total – fun)

Finally I did return to the IP event and Theo has told us that he will re-schedule product design’s presentation day.

Despite the confusion however, I am still feeling confident that my Survival of the Fittest system will surprise both Theo and Steve!


I am afraid this will be my last blog post for the ‘Surprise Me’ module as I now have to continue with the Intensive Programme, which I must say, is already proving to be quite ‘Intensive’!


I have had time however to make a CAD model of the predator drone: