Samrobmoe Design


So I have been thinking a lot about what possible problems could be ethically unsound…

My main avenue of thought has landed upon the controversial stance of survival of the fittest within modern society. Essentially, the problem I have identified is that natural selection and survival of the fittest has been dulled by the relative safety and ease of life offered by modern technology and current society. There is little incentive to gain or maintain fitness levels, it is too easy to cover all basic needs and wants and it is too easy to survive, where in nature, you would die. Essentially, these factors would, according to Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species and the theory of Natural Selection, mean that humanity is working against it’s biological advancement by making the world easier to cope with, instead of evolving to cope with it’s problems.

I feel that this problem could quite easily cause a lot of ethical controversy, which will hopefully make it a perfect surprise! My aim is to now solve this problem, however I also intend to bring my experiences from the past two project ideas in, to hopefully create an ethical nightmare of a project.

Essentially, I am going to try and turn technology from being humanity’s friendly helper, into something that will whip us back into shape. I will make a product that breaks all of the ethical rules that I have outlined in the past and I will also try to break some of the paradigms of product design.