Samrobmoe Design


We had two guest lectures today, one that I felt was really interesting and brought a great insight into the world of enterprise, the other was a nice, in depth talk about the makers guild, but the topic of art galleries and presenting my work in a gallery wasn’t really something I was interested in.


Our first talk was from the owner of God Machine – a company which was started by Aziz Ibsule, a man with the hobby of drawing gothic style graphics but who started out with no real knowledge or idea of how to take it any further. Aziz’s story of growing his ideas whilst working his way up the ranks in the alternative shop – Blue Banana, was inspiring and it truly showed that if you get an idea of something you’d like to do, you can just go and do it, it just takes the courage and the know how to realise it fully.

Aziz’s art managed to sell well beyond his wildest dreams and  his ambition was truly inspiring and his enthusiasm showed me that you can make money from what you enjoy if you approach it the right way.

I feel that I have learnt to appreciate that small ideas can become reality if you try and that success cannot really be instant, but by working on your ideas, you truly can make something of them.