Samrobmoe Design

Today I have finally made a decision as to where exactly my project is heading. I have written a more on-depth product design brief and from that, I have written a Product Design Specification – PDS.

My new brief is as follows:

To design a device for both novice and professional commuter cyclists which solves the need for a more effective way for cyclists to be seen and understood by other road users. It must help to ensure cyclists feel safer on the road ad for drivers to feel more confident that they can see the cyclists, understand the amount of space they require and also understand their intentions. The design must be capable of withstanding the wet weather conditions that cyclist’s encounter, as well as the common forces applied to the cyclist and their bike due to road conditions such as bumps and pot holes. The device, if powered, must use a power supply which is portable, small and light enough not to effect the cyclist’s balance in any way. The device must be safe to use, reliable enough to be used every day and adhere to all applicable road laws & be legal to be used in a public place. The device must be affordable enough to be within a novice cyclist’s budget, whilst retaining a high enough standard of quality to appeal to a more professional cyclist.

I feel that this brief will allow me to create and interesting and innovative product which could really help a lot of people by making cycling a safer endeavour than it currently is.