Samrobmoe Design

Today I completed another interim viva in front of my tutorial group. Overall, I feel the viva was quite successful, though I did feel a little under prepared as I had not rehearsed the presentation a great deal.

Unfortunately, as I was concerned about remembering what I was saying, I said “Uh” and “Umm” a fair amount of times and I also missed out some key features about one of my designs, which was quite annoying. Overall, I think that with practice, I would have been far more capable of presenting my work well, but the time to rehearse just wasn’t available due o having to work right up to the day of the presentation.

I also had my tutorial with Paul regarding my technical report where I was able to tell him that I had completed my report. Paul was fairly pleased at this and we discussed what was next – the design project based on the research work form the report. It is nice to realise that through all the struggling and uncertainty of writing this report, that now I have been able to complete it. I think Paul felt a sense of relief as I think that my progress has been slightly worrying to him, as it certainly was to me…