Samrobmoe Design

Inspired by seeing Cleven’s Pocket Ratchet Wrench, I decided to see if I could design a regular sized Ratcheting Socket Wrench which would be strong enough to be used for real world applications. The main body is split into a top and bottom section with a handle sandwiched between, which will be an interchangeable small or large handle (with different lengths to give better leverage)

The Design is fully 3D printed, with eight M4 machine screws fastening it together. The ratchet mechanism has attachments on each side, which was inspired by Cleven’s design to allow the ratchet to drive both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

The initial design allows the use of  12.5MM (1/2″) sized sockets, although the next development will be to allow the head to be interchanged with a head which can use 10MM (3/8″) sized sockets as well as standard 1/4″ hex tool bits.

Ratchet mechanism working